How to Sell My Car in Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) does not require much action from a seller beyond properly singing the title for transfer of ownership. There are no fees to pay, notarized signatures to worry about or forms to fill out beyond the optional bill of sale. Once you've found a buyer for your car, you should know what information to include on the title, how to fill out a bill of sale if you want one for your records and what to do once the car is gone.

Discuss payment options with your buyer. The Federal Trade Commission website warns that sellers should meet buyers in person; do not accept unverified payment or overpayment for your car sale. Accept only cash, a verified money order or bank check.

Call to verify the funds before signing over your title. Do not use the phone number on the check or money order that you receive. Look up the phone number of the bank or customer service center and verify the authenticity of the check or money order and the availability of the funds.

Print your name and sign the back of the title in the seller's section, and have any other owners listed on the title do the same. Sign the title exactly as your name appears on the front. An additional owner, if applicable, signs next to your name.

Check the vehicle's odometer, and input the correct mileage into the space provided on the back of the title. Create a bill of sale for your records, which you can download from the Connecticut DMV website to fill out and sign (see Resource section). Fill it out in ink; provide a copy for the buyer and keep one for yourself.

Create your own bill of sale if you prefer. State the seller and buyer information, including names, addresses and driver's license numbers. Include vehicle information, such as year, make, model, vehicle identification number (VIN) and mileage. Add the selling price and state that no warranty is included with the transfer of ownership.

Sign the bill of sale and have the buyer do the same. Take your plates off the vehicle before the buyer leaves--do not lend your plates out. Immediately return your plates to a Connecticut DMV office.

Call your insurance provider to cancel your insurance policy.