Scholarships for Working Adults

Scholarships aren’t just for talented high school students heading off to college. Adults from a range of backgrounds also can apply to receive a scholarship for college or technical school. Depending on the scholarship program, applications can be time-consuming, requiring lengthy essays and multiple statements of your goals. If you are a working adult, focus on scholarships that have lenient application requirements to save time.

Displaced Homemaker Scholarship

The Association on American Indian Affairs offers the Displaced Homemaker Scholarship to men and women who have postponed the pursuit of a college degree due to family obligations. As of 2011, the Displaced Homemaker Scholarship is $1,500. You can apply to renew the scholarship each year you are enrolled in school and maintain satisfactory progress. To qualify, you must be over the age of 30. Scholarship money can be used to offset your living expenses, pay for childcare or reduce tuition costs.


Scholarships4Moms is a scholarship program open to adults of both genders who are over the age of 18. The scholarship program is unusual in that it allows you to split your scholarship aid with a family member. As of 2011, the scholarship amount is $10,000. The scholarship is not renewable. To apply, complete a one-page application on the Scholarships4Moms website. Winners are chosen by random selection. You can apply once every seven days to increase your chances of winning the annual scholarship award.

Project Working Mom

If you are planning to pursue an online education, consider the Project Working Mom Scholarship. The scholarship is available to men and women with children. As of 2010, the scholarship covered the full amount of tuition for an online degree. To qualify, you must submit an application including an essay response explaining why an online education works for your lifestyle. A description of how you have overcome past challenges is also required. In addition to scholarship funds, Project Working Mom offers budgeting and time management resources for parents to help them manage the transition of returning to school.

Adults in Scholastic Transition Scholarship

Executive Women International created the Adults in Scholastic Transition Scholarship to help nontraditional students finish a postsecondary degree. Students with emotional, physical or mental challenges are given priority for this award. To qualify, you must be a parent and use a re-entry program offered by a college or university. Selections are based on your ability to communicate your career goals and your plans for achieving them. You must be over 18 to qualify for this scholarship. In 2010, one scholarship winner received $2,000 while a second-place winner received an award totaling $1,000. Twelve corporate-level awards are given annually at $2,500 each.


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