Scholarships & Grants for Bible College Students

Scholarships & Grants for Bible College Students
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The decision to attend Bible college can put you in an unusual situation when it comes to applying for and receiving grants and scholarships. Many Bible colleges are not accredited higher education institutions, which limits your access to financial assistance from the federal government. However, you retain eligibility for aid offered by your college and select private scholarships.

Federal Grants

The Federal Application for Free Student Aid lets you apply for all grants and loans offered by the federal government. Unfortunately, this aid can only be used to attend schools accredited by the Department of Education. When you need grants to cover your college tuition, pick an accredited Bible college and provide its information on the FAFSA. Low-income students generally qualify for Pell grants, while other options exist for students pursuing teacher certification. If you are enrolling in one of these degree paths at your Bible college, seek out these alternative methods of reducing your education costs.

Institutional Scholarships and Grants

Visit the website for the Bible college you want to attend and locate its financial aid page or a section that discusses how to fund your education. Colleges use these pages to discuss your federal financial aid options and list scholarships or grants provided by the institution. Some of these opportunities may be limited to students pursuing a specific path of study or at a particular grade level, while others are open to all students. Review the requirements for each scholarship or grant carefully and submit your application along with any necessary financial data by the application deadlines.


Your school’s financial aid page may also provide you with information on relevant privately supported scholarships of interest to students. If you apply for a private scholarship that is not connected with your school, read the rules carefully, as some may limit applications to students of accredited institutions. Avoid any scholarship or financial assistance website that charges you money to access scholarship details or access applications.

Private Collections

If you decided to attend a Bible college because of your Christian beliefs, you may find that your church is willing to provide financial support for your education when you are an active part of the congregation. Churches often engage guest speakers to provide testimonials and pay a base speaker fee and take up a special collection on the night of your talk. While these funds are not formalized grants, they do not need to be repaid and can help pay for your education while letting you connect with other Christians and young people.