How to Get Rural Housing Assistance

by Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017
Qualifying individuals in rural areas can get help with their homes through the USDA.

The United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development agency offers qualifying home owners living in rural areas help with home ownership. Home repair and other help is available from the agency through grants and loans, but there is also programs that help renters in rural areas with rent.

Step 1

Head to the USDA Rural Development website. Search for the loans and programs specific to your needs and qualifications from grants and loans to rental assistance. You can search by need and state by state location.

Step 2

Find out if you qualify. Each state has grants and loan limits based on need, income and availability. Check your state's listing on the website to determine eligibility.

Step 3

Qualify for a loan. The Direct Loan Program offered for rural residents allows many individuals to obtain loans that they otherwise would not qualify for. This enables individuals to get loans to buy homes in rural areas.

Step 4

Use sweat equity. Sweat equity simply means that you as a home owner will help with the labor of building a home, offsetting much of the cost of buying a house.

Step 5

Get repairs. The Rural Housing Assistance office offers low-income individuals living in rural areas grants and loans to help repair their homes.

Step 6

Look into the Rental Assistance program. This program is available to low-income, disabled and senior individuals who need help meeting basic rent costs. Information on this program is found at a Rural Development office in your state.

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