How to Request a Copy of a Contract

How to Request a Copy of a Contract. Whether you are buying a piece of real estate or joining a health club, contracts are a part of life. Sometimes you don't get your copy of a critical contract or you lose your copy. That means you need to request a copy of the contract to add to your records.

Determine who you should contact to request the contract copy. If the contract is your apartment lease, you probably need to contact the leasing office. If the contract is a property purchase agreement, contact your attorney or Realtor.

Call the person directly to make a request. For most contract copy requests, a simple phone call will accomplish the entire mission. Call your leasing office and see if someone will fax you a copy of your lease. Call your Realtor to request a faxed or emailed copy of your property purchase agreement.

Email your request. If the party with whom you have a contract is not easily accessible by phone, emailing your request for a contract copy is appropriate.

Write a formal letter requesting a mailed copy of your contract. This is usually the best way to request a mailed physical original contract or get a notarized copy of a document.

Follow up on your request for a copy of a contract if you don't receive it in a reasonable period of time. A reasonable time for an emailed copy is a couple days. A reasonable time for a mailed copy is two weeks.

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