Does Renter's Insurance Cover a Fallen Tree?

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Renter's policies do typically cover damage caused by falling objects, according to Thus, if a tree falls on the house or apartment you are renting and causes damage to your personal property, you are likely covered. Similarly, if a tree falls and causes injury or damage to a third party, your renter's liability coverage would normally kick in if the homeowner's policy doesn't cover the liability.

Other Coverage Alternatives

Whether renter's insurance covers damage from a fallen tree really depends on the situation. Renter's insurance will cover damage to your possessions caused by the falling tree. Your landlord's policy will cover structural damage. The financial obligation for damage caused by a fallen tree may vary in other situations. Insurance Agent Brenda Hanson indicated in a June 2013 statement on the Insurance Library website that homeowner's insurance should cover the damage of a tree falling on your car. If you have a conflict, though, your auto comprehensive policy typically covers the cost of damage from falling objects as well.