Will Renters' Liability Insurance Cover an Above Ground Swimming Pool?

To protect yourself from the financial risk of a hazardous event, you can purchase a renters' liability insurance policy if you rent your home. Renters' liability insurance applies to apartments and houses that you do not own but rent from a landlord. If you rent a house, you may choose to put in an above ground pool. First check with your landlord because you may need to purchase additional liability coverage.

Renters' Insurance Coverage

Renters' insurance provides protection against unforeseen circumstances that damage the property that you are renting or that result in a loss. Examples include fire, theft, wind storm, lightning, hail, frozen pipes or a leakage of the water or sewer system. Renters' insurance only applies to the primary residence, not to freestanding buildings or detached structures in many cases. However, the renter can purchase additional liability coverage that protects against losses or liabilities resulting within or from these structures, such as an above ground pool.

Coverage for a Pool

A typical renters' insurance policy will not protect against injuries or losses that result from an above ground pool. However, in most cases, you can purchase additional coverage that will provide you with protection. Homeowner's insurance usually provides the landlord with protection against any injuries or losses that result from an above ground pool that sits on the property. However, in some cases his coverage may lack a clause that supplies him with this protection; therefore, check with him prior to putting in an above ground pool.

Purchasing Additional Liability Insurance

If you discover, upon reading your renters' liability insurance policy, that it does not protect freestanding structures or provide coverage for bodily harm, and you have an above ground pool, purchasing additional liability coverage would be beneficial. You can usually do this by calling your existing provider and informing the agent of what your insurance needs are.

Importance of Protecting Yourself

The liability coverage for your above ground pool will help to protect your financial assets if the pool breaks and destroys the surrounding property or home, or if someone is injured or killed while using the pool or because of a malfunction with the equipment. An accident that results because of the pool could result in your having to pay for medical bills, property damage or other types of losses, which can deplete a significant portion of your assets if you are not properly covered.