About Rental Applications

Rental applications are a standard practice a business or person uses before you can rent a property or item. All rental businesses use them to find out essential information about you, such as whether or not you can afford to rent the property or item. In addition to filling out a rental application you may have to undergo a background check and also pay upfront for any fees associated with the applications processing.


Whether you are renting a home or renting an item like a television or furniture, you will be required to fill out a rental application. The function of a rental application is to provide the business with information about you, your employment, criminal history and a list of contacts who will be your references. All of these factors will be used to determine whether you are eligible to rent the property or item.

Required Information

Some information on a rental application is desired because it will help determine eligibility, while some information is required. Required information left incomplete on a rental application can make you ineligible to receive the property or item. Items that may be required on a rental application include full name, both a mailing and current physical address, social security number and a phone number or other contact information.

Financial Information

Banking information is often required information on a rental application. Depending on which state you are in, you may be required to give your bank account numbers also, or you may just be asked what bank you use, an estimation of funds in your bank account and a phone number to contact the institution. This information will be used to make sure that you have funds available to pay for the rental. Employer information may be required in this section of the rental application also. The information used from your employment information determines the eligibility for the rental since it proves that you have a source of steady income.


References are contacts that are listed on a rental application. These contacts are people, businesses or banks that can vouch for your ability to pay on time and that can establish your character. Some rental applications will be thrown out if the references cannot be contacted so it is important to include with each contact the best time to call. The references you choose to put on your rental application can determine whether or not you get the rental.

Legal Information

Most rental applications have a section of legal information. This part of the application will include what landlord or business can do with the information on the application once it is signed. This may include permission to gain credit reports, contact references and run a criminal history check. It will also state that any information found to be false or incomplete will be grounds for the rejection of the application. Other legal information may be included in this section depending upon local guidelines and laws for rental applications. Read the application carefully before signing and ask any questions if you feel uncomfortable.