How to Rent a Home in the Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands lie in the Pacific Ocean, west of the International Date Line and north of the Equator. About two-thirds of the population of 62,000 live in the capital city, Majuro. Many people love to rent a home in these islands because of their tropical flowers, sandy white beaches, aquamarine waters (filled with coral reef and marine mammals) and everyday conveniences like restaurants, specialty shops and street corner basketball courts. If you looking to rent a home in Marshall Islands, learn tips and strategies to make the process easier.

Know the local area and culture. Most people here speak English, though the government uses Marshallese language. Some ethnic Japanese speak their native tongue. Most people are Protestants, and they are concentrated in Majuro and in Ebeye in Kwajalein Atoll. If you rent a home in Majuro or Ebeye, you will have better access to transportation, hospitals and other facilities.

Houses in Marshall Islands are wooden or cement structures with metal roofs. Apart from Majuro, many small private islands have beach houses for rent.

Know type of Marshall Island home you want. Make a list of the features or amenities you want. Decide the size of the house you wish to rent. Luxury homes come furnished and unfurnished. Many of these houses have a maid and a butler.

Develop a realistic budget. Luxury homes vary in price depending on amenities. The Marshall Islands attract many tourists every year, and private companies have built beach resorts and duplex bungalows. Evaluate your budget to narrow your selection.

Many classified advertisement sites and real estate agents feature Marshall Island homes. Visit Real Rentals, InstiListings or Vivun to see homes for rent in the Marshall Islands (see Resources). You can also place a listing that you are looking to rent a home in the Marshall Islands Journal at and have owners contact you.

Secure housing grants. Get in touch with the Ministry of Social Services in Marshall Islands. The government offers housing grants to low-income families. For example, the Mutual Self Help Program provides loans to cover housing and funds to help individuals repair and fix properties. For additional information about these types of programs, visit Everything Marshall Island at