How to Remove an Oklahoma Tax Lien

How to Remove an Oklahoma Tax Lien
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Property tax liens tarnish your credit rating and hinder your ability to sell the property. Ad valorem taxes in Oklahoma are assessed and collected on a county level, but the Oklahoma Tax Commission governs the state’s 77 county treasurers. Liens are imposed on properties on Jan. 1 for unpaid taxes from the previous year. The deeds to properties burdened with a tax lien are sold at an annual auction if taxes remain delinquent for three years. The bidding begins at the lesser dollar amount of the unpaid mortgage plus penalties and taxes or two-thirds of the assessed value of the property.

Pay Taxes

Contact the county treasurer for the total amount of taxes owed. The delinquent amount accumulates penalties and interest. Penalties vary depending on the length of the default but can be as high as 18 percent. Interest accrues at 1.5 percent a month.

Mail a check to the county treasurer’s office. The Oklahoma Tax Commission website provides a link with contact information for each county.

Request a receipt from the treasurer’s office. Keep the receipt with your tax records as proof of a clear title.

Notice Received in Error

Contact the county treasurer’s office immediately if you receive a notice of tax delinquency in error.

Verify the notice was sent to the correct name and property address.

Fax or mail the county treasurer a copy of your escrow statement or canceled check(s) to prove payment.


  • Avoid a lien by splitting the amount due into two payments. Pay one half of the bill before Dec. 31, and the county assessor will extend the date of the balance due until April 1 without penalty.

    Apply for an ad valorem tax exemption if you are a 100 percent disabled veteran or surviving spouse of a disabled veteran. Download “Ad Valorem Form 998” from the Oklahoma Tax Commission website and mail it to the county treasurer’s office.