How to Register a Mobile Home

How to Register a Mobile Home
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A mobile home, or manufactured home, is site built then moved to a location. The Housing and Urban Development (HUD) sets standards for all mobile homes manufactured after June 1976. A mobile home that is transportable is considered a vehicle and comes with a title. If the mobile home is a doublewide, or has two sections, it has a title for each section. The title, along with a bill of sale, is used to register your mobile home. Additionally, new mobile homes require a certificate of origin to comply with HUD’s standards.

Used Mobile Homes

Receive a copy of a bill of sale and the title(s) to a mobile home when you purchase a used mobile home. It is similar to a vehicle title.

Complete the back of the title. Have the seller print his name and sign the title. Also, place the date of the actual sale on the title. List your name as the buyer and place your address on the title.

Carry the documents to your county courthouse in the county where the mobile home is located. Generally, you have 30 days to register and transfer the title into your name.

Submit the title and bill of sale to the title department. Pay the required fees. The clerk mails the title to the state, where it is registered in your name and mailed back to you.

New Mobile Homes

Carry your bill of sale and certificate of origin provided by the dealer to your local courthouse and register your new mobile home. This provides the title clerk with the HUD certification and sales price to determine the taxes due.

Complete a registration application. Enter your personal information, such as name, address and contact information. Also, provide the make, model and year of the mobile home you are registering.

Pay the required fee for registering your mobile home and the taxes due. The clerk then mails the registration application and documents to the state. The state then issues new titles for the mobile home and registers it in your name.


  • Be prepared to provide a copy of your photo identification. Also, some states require proof the taxes are paid on a used mobile home before registering it.