How to Qualify for Senior Subsidized Housing in Texas

How to Qualify for Senior Subsidized Housing in Texas
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Even if you've managed to save for retirement, finding affordable housing as a senior in Texas can be challenging. Financial and age issues must be taken into consideration when going through the application process that will determine your eligibility. You must also submit proof of citizenship or legal residency and Social Security information about yourself and household members.

Adhere to the age requirement standards. In order to qualify for senior subsidized housing in Texas, you or your spouse must be age 62 or older.

Assess your monthly income. In Texas, as of May 2010, the maximum annual income for a senior who wants to qualify for subsidized housing is $32,800. After calculating your monthly earnings and assets and proceed with your application if you determine your income is within the HUD guidelines.

Analyze in detailed fashion your income and expenditures. Subtract your monthly medical expenses from your monthly income. Many seniors have regular medical expenses, such as prescriptions and medical equipment, that should be factored into the picture.

Provide proof that you are a United States citizen (as with a passport or birth certificate), or legal resident alien with a green card. You are also required to fill out a Texas Department of Housing Citizenship Form and submit it with your application.

Make copies of your driver's license or state identification card, birth certificate, and the Social Security cards for everyone in the household. You must also copy your award letter if you are currently receiving Social Security benefits.

Submit all applications and required documented proof via mail to:

Project Access Program / Section 8 Division Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs PO Box 13941 Austin, TX 78711-3941

The Section 8 Division will review your application and all submitted materials to determine if you qualify for subsidized housing.


  • If you are not sure how to proceed with the application process, talk to an experienced professional. You can find a professional through the SNAP for Seniors program, or by visiting the Texas Housing Counselor organization website.