How to Qualify for Free Blue Cross Health Insurance

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Health insurance is a vital part of every family's financial plan. However, not every family can afford health insurance. Without health insurance, a family is just one accident or illness away from financial ruin. Health insurance defrays the cost of health care by providing payment for services that individuals need if they are injured or sick. When trying to figure out whether you can afford health insurance, check to see if your state offers free health insurance through Blue Cross.

Call your local Blue Cross office and request information on Blue Cross insurance plans for low-income families. Alternatively, Blue Cross may be the provider for the state or federal low-income programs where you live.

Determine your eligibility. You are normally only eligible for free health insurance if you meet certain income requirements. These vary by state for state-run programs, and even federal programs vary according to how much money you make, whether or not you have children, how many children you have, etc. Typical requirements, however, will place you at 100 to 200 percent of the federal poverty level for federal programs.

Apply for benefits. You will need to speak to a caseworker in most situations and fill out eligibility forms along with an application for insurance. You will be periodically asked for income verification and a verification of your assets. This normally happens every year on your policy renewal date.