How to Purchase Tax Lien Certificates in Oklahoma

Individual Oklahoma counties hold tax lien sales once each year to sell tax lien certificates on properties that have been delinquent on paying property taxes for several years. Unlike other states, Oklahoma does not use an auction-based system to sell tax liens; instead they use a first-come, first-served registration system. Tax lien certificate holders must wait two years before attempting to foreclose on the property. During this redemption period, the property owner may pay back the tax lien in full with 8 percent annual interest.

Obtain a copy of the current tax lien certificate sale list. The list is published in several local newspapers one to two months before the sale, or it can be viewed at the county treasurer's office.

Create a list of properties you want to purchase the tax certificates for and include the property account number in this list.

Preregister for the tax sale according to the individual instructions of the county you are bidding in. Oklahoma County opens preregistration at the County Treasurer's Office in September, for example, or you can register on the date of the sale. Oklahoma awards tax certificates on a first-come, first-served basis, so the earlier you register the more likely you are to receive the tax lien certificates you want.

Pay for the tax lien certificates you won using certified funds or cash within four days of winning. The total amount of each tax lien is the back taxes due, advertising fees and other sale costs, such as the issue of the tax certificate.


If more than one person is interested in the same property and there is no clear indication of who registered first, the winner will be drawn at random.


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