How to Prove Work Completion to My Home Owner's Insurance

How to Prove Work Completion to My Home Owner's Insurance
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When you filed your homeowner's claim after your home was damaged, you likely received an initial settlement amount that represented an advance on the final amount. You used this money to pay the contractor's deposit, but now the work is complete and you need your insurance company to pay the balance of the settlement. While every insurer has its own method of verifying that your work is complete, there are some typical methods that usually work.

Obtain the final invoice from your contractor. Some contractors coordinate all insurance issues for their customers, so they may send this to your insurer on your behalf.

Photograph the area of repair. Your homeowner's insurance adjuster took photographs of the damage during the initial inspection, so your new photos will be used to compare.

Send the invoice and photographs to your adjuster. You may have gotten the adjuster's contact information during the initial inspection and interview. If not, call him to determine the best way to submit your materials. Adjusters typically accept supporting evidence by email, fax or hard copies sent to the local claims office.

Call your adjuster the day you send your materials to verify receipt.


  • When it comes to supporting insurance claims, there is no such thing as too much documentation. Photograph the repair thoroughly.


  • You are not guaranteed payment simply by proving the work is complete. Speak with your adjuster often throughout the repair process, follow all instructions and whenever possible, involve the contractor to lessen the chances of receiving a settlement you feel is unfair.