How Does Property Frontage Affect Value?

What is Property Frontage

Property frontage is the outward appearance or “curb appeal” of your home or land. This first impression is what a potential buyer will remember; think of it as the formal introduction to your property. The exterior's condition, as well as landscaping and yard maintenance all play key roles. Many potential home buyers will rule a property off their lists based simply on curb appeal, so it is imperative that you do everything possible to enhance that first look. It's a sure way to attract the greatest number of interested buyers--and to fetch the highest price--for your property.

Neighborhood Values

The property value of a neighborhood is determined by what buyers are willing to pay to live in that area. So, while the frontage of your home helps establish its value, surrounding houses also play a part. A property could be immaculate with excellent landscaping and lawn care, but the value would be hurt if it sits next to a run-down house with a yard full of weeds. When making an offer for a house, most buyers consider how much it would cost to fix problems; but they also might lower their offered price because of unattractive surrounding properties.

Improving Values and Curb Appeal

Many neighborhoods have homeowner associations that enforce rules to ensure a uniform appearance--good curb appeal--for properties in the area. But you can take some simple steps to improve your own property frontage and increase the overall value of your neighborhood, too.

According to, doing things like painting, adding landscaping and cleaning driveways can have a substantial, positive effect on the value of a property. Painting your home's exterior--a typical $1,800 investment--can increase your sales prices by as much as $10,000. Landscaping can add another $5,000 and could be something as simple as planting a tree, putting in some shrubs and sprinkling fresh mulch in flower beds. Pressure washing a driveway may seem like a small thing but it, too, can go a long way toward boosting curb appeal.