Propane vs. Electric Heating

You can choose different ways to heat your home. Two of the most popular ways are propane heating and electric heating. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that you need to consider before choosing the right heating source.

Advantages of Propane Heating

One of the main advantages of choosing propane heating over electric heating is the money that you can save every month. One of the single most costs of owning a home is in the energy that is used for heating and cooling a home . According to, choosing to go with propane heating can contribute to significantly reducing your monthly heating costs by as much as 30 percent to 60 percent. Another benefit for having propane heating is your ability to still operate during major power outages. This is something for you to consider if you live in areas of the country where you can be affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes. While everyone else is out of power for weeks at a time you will still be able to have warm food, hot water and heat. Propane can also be safe for the environment as propane is presents little risk to soil or groundwater supplies.

Advantages of Electric Heating

One of the advantages of electric heating is the ease of use. There are no tanks to fill, no levels to monitor and not much maintenance.

Disadvantages of Propane Heating

If you live in a particularly cold environment then propane might not be your best option The main reason for this is because propane has not been known to work well in very cold conditions. By cold weather we are referring to somewhere around zero degrees F. Another disadvantage is the continual need for you to monitor your propane levels in your tank. If you are not on top of it on a regular basis, the last thing you will want is for a hot shower to go cold at the wrong time. One way to avoid this problem is to rely on a propane delivery service. However, if you live in a rural area where roads can get muddy or can be difficult to get to in the winter, then you may have times when you run out of propane and will need to wait until the delivery truck can safely get to your home.

Disadvantages of Electric Heating

One disadvantage to using electric heating is that you do not always know what you are spending until the bill arrives in the mail. You can try your best to budget but in most cases you do not have an idea of your usage level until you are holding the bill in hand. You also are prone to more power outages and will need to rely 100 percent on your service provider to correct the problem. This may require much patience during major outages.

The Ultimate Choice

Ultimately choosing electric or propane will be based on your specific situation. Depending on the location of your home you may have no choice but to go with the propane heating route. If monthly cost are not as much a concern for you as ease of use, then electric heating makes the most sense. If you really want to try to save money off your monthly heating bill, then propane heating makes the best choice.