How to Pay City of Cincinnati Income Taxes

The City of Cincinnati has a 2.1 percent tax rate that is payable by residents who receive taxable income, such as wages. Any resident engaged in a business, such as owning rental property or a company, must also file. A person who does not live in Cincinnati but earned compensation within the city must also file a tax return.

Register for a Cincinnati Account Number by completing the application online at the Register for a Cincinnati Account website or by calling 513-352-3838.

Download the tax form at the City of Cincinnati Tax Forms website. Click on the link in the left sidebar that corresponds to the year you are paying taxes. From the individual and business tax forms listed, choose the form that applies to your situation.

Obtain tax forms at one of several locations within Cincinnati if you do not want to download the form. Forms are available at all branches of the county library, at the information desk within City Hall or at the tax division office located at 805 Central Avenue, Suite 600, Cincinnati, Ohio. Call 513-352-3827 to have forms mailed to you.

Complete the tax form and mail with a check, made payable to City to Cincinnati, to Cincinnati Income Tax Division, P.O. Box 634580, Cincinnati, OH 45263-4580.

Pay online if you do not want to use a printed form. Access the online system at the Online Filing and Payment Program website. You will need your Cincinnati Account Number, Social Security number and a pin, which will be emailed to you upon registration. Pay any taxes due with any valid credit card.


  • The city requires a tax return filed regardless of whether or not taxes are due.