How to Get Out of a Westgate Timeshare Mortgage

The Westgate Timeshare company is one of the largest providers of weeklong timeshares in the United States. On the plus side, the company's resorts are generally well-run and do offer a resort experience. On the downside, paying maintenance fees can be very expensive if you don't -- or can't -- use your time regularly. And once you are in, getting out of a timeshare commitment requires diligent research and patience because the timeshare market is quite large and sometimes overly saturated.

Review your timeshare agreement paperwork. In nearly all cases, the company has a cancellation period -- usually lasting 10 days -- in which you can call a representative and nullify your agreement. Some customers have reported that this agreement is buried in the paperwork, so be sure to review all documents, including the fine print.

Consider filing a suit against the company. If you've been misled about your program or the costs, you have just cause for legal action. Obtain an attorney and file a lawsuit against the executives of the company and the sales agent responsible for the sale. Remember that this process will be long, frustrating and potentially unsuccessful. Take this option only if you have a legitimate case against the company.

Research other Westgate timeshares for sale. There are an inordinate number of timeshare-selling sites on the Internet. These sites may not be the best option for your sale, but they will give you an idea as to the going rate for similar timeshares. Base your selling price on the market average and prepare to be aggressive with your sale.

List your timeshare on several timeshare-selling sites. One of the most popular sites is eBay. This site is reputable and offers ratings on buyers and sellers -- a feature that weeds out unethical and unfair business people. Be aware that, once you have a buyer, you'll need to contact Westgate Timeshares; they have the Right of First Refusal, which means that they have the opportunity to buy back the timeshare at the potential buyer's price.


  • Be sure to review all timeshare paperwork for possible limitations on selling your timeshare.