How to Find Out How Much I Owe in Fines in New York State

How to Find Out How Much I Owe in Fines in New York State
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Paying fines is never an enjoyable task. In the state of New York, you can be fined for a plethora of actions, including some that are legal in other states. Parking citations and fines for traffic violations are most common, as are property fines, court fines and penalties for past-due taxes. Always aim to pay your New York fines as soon as possible, since you will often have to pay an additional penalty fee for late payments.

Visit New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles website to find information on traffic and vehicular citations. You will find information on virtually all fines that are associated with your driver’s license or vehicle's license plate number. You can also find information on fines for boats, recreational vehicles and commercial vehicles. Use your traffic ticket, the last four digits of your Social Security number and the client ID number from your driver's license to find your total due on the website. If you need to speak with a live person at the DMV, it is normally best to call at the start of the business day, so you don't find yourself on hold for an extended period of time.

Check out New York City’s Department of Finance website for the details on parking and moving violations in New York City. This website lists the violations you can be fined for, as well as the amounts, and provides an easy way for you to pay fines online. The Department of Finance's website also provides information on health, environmental and camera violations within New York City. Contact New York City's Department of Finance at 1-212-504-4041 with your ticket's citation number or the plate number of the vehicle that was ticketed to find out the exact amount you owe.

Handle state criminal court fines by calling or visiting the court clerk in the city or county that handled your case. You will need your Social Security number or driver’s license number to find out the exact total of your fines owed, as court clerks will not give out your personal information without verifying your identity. Most court clerks are available to assist you Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Having your case number handy will expedite the fine-hunting process.

Calculate the total owed on past-due state taxes by visiting the website for New York’s Department of Taxation and Finance. This site offers a user-friendly way to find out how much any additional interest or penalties will cost you. It also allows you to make a payment or payment arrangement. Contact their collections division at 1-518-457-5434 to find out your total due on taxes that you have filed but not yet paid. Do strive to pay past-due taxes as soon as possible, so you do not find yourself worried about potential tax levies, warrants or a seizure of assets.


  • Hang on to any paperwork you receive in the mail regarding fines in the state of New York. New York’s cities and counties each have different deadlines and penalties for overdue fines. Avoid having extra penalties tacked onto your current fines by paying them on time. Knowing where your fines are owed will ease the process of finding out how much you owe, especially for any fines associated with real estate or civil courts.