How to Find Out If a House Has Had Insurance Claims on it

To find out if a home has had previous insurance claims, view a CLUE report or a home seller's disclosure report. CLUE stands for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange and is a database of claim information. The claims listed in the database will indicate losses on a home that go back five years. CLUE reports will provide the peace of mind of knowing that there are no previous insurance losses for a home.

Ask for a CLUE Report

Have your realtor contact the buyer's realtor and ask him to provide a home seller's disclosure report.

Make an offer on a home and include a provision that a CLUE report or home seller's disclosure report be included as a condition of the sale.

Contact the owner of the home, if the home is for sale by the owner, and ask the homeowner to provide a home seller's disclosure report.

Order a CLUE Report

Go to the ChoiceTrust website and click on “Order your FACT Act disclosure.”

Click "CLUE Personal Property Report" under "Order Options." Click “Order Now.”

Select “I am an Existing Member” and enter your username and password. Click “Continue." If you do not have an account, select “I am a New Member” and then click “Continue” to create a new account.

Enter the required information in the form to order the report.


  • Only the homeowner can order a report because it is covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.