How to Find Out if an Insurance Agent Is Licensed in the State of Florida

To help protect consumers against unethical or unqualified insurance agents, Florida requires that all agents who sell insurance in the state have an insurance license from the Florida Department of Financial Services. Before they can become licensed, agents must submit to a background check, complete pre-licensing education and pass a licensing examination. Before you purchase a policy from an agent, you can verify the status of her license directly from the Florida Department of Financial Services website.

Go to the Florida Department of Financial Services website and click on the “Agency” link located at the top of the homepage.

Click on the “Department” link under the "Agency" heading.

Select “Insurance Agent and Agency Services” link located under the “Divisions” heading.

Click on the “Bureau of Licensing” link, which will bring you to the Licensure and Compliance page. Then click on the “Licensee search” link.

Input the agent's name and city into the online search form and click on the “Search” button.

Select the correct agent from the list of agents that met you search criteria by clicking on his name. You will see the type and status of the agent’s insurance license on the following page.


  • Call the Department of Financial Services at 800-342-2762 to check license status by telephone.