How to Open a Bank Account in Texas

If you are in Texas and want to open up a bank account, you will find that the process is similar to that of other states. National and regional banks are available throughout the state for you to open a bank account. One main difference you may notice in Texas is that you can open a bank account with a Mexican Matricula identification card. When you open your bank account, there is often a minimum amount of money required to open it, and that amount varies by financial institution.

In Texas, you can find national banks, such as Bank of America, as well as regional banks, such as West Texas National Bank and Greater Texas Federal Credit Union. If you are in the Austin area, you can call Bank on Central Texas at (512) 973-9203, or you can drive around your neighborhood to look for local area bank branches.

Walk into one of the local banks, or visit their online website, to apply for a new bank account. You will need your Texas driver's license, passport or Mexican Matricula identification card to open a bank account in Texas. According to Bank on Central Texas, most Texas banks also request a second form of identification, such as a utility bill.

Fill out the bank account application. Applicants with a Mexican Matricula identification card are required to apply for an account in-person. If you are applying in-person, the banking representative can help you and answer any questions. If you are applying online, you will have to look on the bank website for answers to any questions. You need to enter in your mailing address, driver's license number, social security number and the type of account you want, such as a checking account or savings account.


  • Some Texas bank accounts have monthly fees. A banking representative can let you know the current fees at the bank.