How to Open a Bank Account in Morocco

How to Open a Bank Account in Morocco
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Opening a bank account in Morocco is not very difficult, but can be time-consuming, as it requires very specific paperwork. Moroccan citizens must present their government=issued photo identification and notarized proof of residence, among other documents, depending on the bank they choose. Opening a bank account is more difficult for foreigners in Morocco, as no tourist is allowed to open an account. Only a foreigner living and working in Morocco with a residency card can open a bank account.

Opening a Bank Account in Morocco

Investigate the interest rates, fees, overdraft and credit card policies of different banks. Morocco has numerous bank chains that operate nationwide, so look for the best fit for you.

Choose a bank.

Ask the bank what documents are required to open an account, as they may vary, depending on the bank. All banks will require government-issued photo identification, as well as proof of residence. Some may require proof of employment and a certain amount of money to open the account. Some banks may also charge an account-opening fee.

Check to see if the documents need to be notarized or marked with an official government stamp. All Moroccan cities have government offices designated for paper processing and notarizing official documents. If this is required and you don't know how to go about getting it done or where to go, ask at the bank.

Bring the required documents to the bank. The bank will likely make copies of the documents, but bring extra copies if possible to ensure that they will be accepted. It may take up to several days to check documentation and to open the account.

Once the account is open, bring any cash or checks you want to deposit to the bank, along with your photo identification.


  • If you are a foreigner and do not speak French, derija (Moroccan Arabic) or standard Arabic, be sure to choose a bank that has employees who speak your language.

    If you are a foreigner, you will have to wait to open a bank account until the government processes your documents and you receive your residency card. This process can take several months.