What Is Non-Owner Operator's Insurance?

What Is Non-Owner Operator's Insurance?
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If you need insurance coverage to reinstate your license or meet your state’s insurance requirements, you may have considered non-owner operator’s insurance coverage. This type if insurance is often misunderstood, so it is important to know what it covers before you sign an insurance contract.


Non-owner operator’s insurance is a policy that covers drivers who do not own, or have regular access to, a vehicle. It provides limited coverage for drivers when borrowing a car.


The primary purpose of non-owner operator’s insurance is to meet a state’s minimum insurance requirements. It is not designed to provide financial protection for the policyholder.



Non-owner operator’s insurance typically only provides liability coverage, which pays for injuries and damages you cause to others while driving a borrowed vehicle. It does not provide coverage for the car you borrow.



This type of insurance does not cover any car owned by you or a resident or your household. It also does not cover a car you have regular access to, including a work vehicle.


Additional Insureds

You cannot add other drivers to a non-owner operator’s policy. It is designed specifically cover one person.