Why Do Boys Pay More for Auto Insurance Than Girls?

It is a well known fact that in most instances, young men pay more in auto insurance than young women do. However, most people are not aware of the reasons for this.


Young men under the age of 25 generally pay higher auto insurance than young women. Young men have a tendency to drive faster than young women, and unfortunately, less of a tendency to wear seatbelts. Young men also tend to drive more than young women and engage in more dangerous, reckless driving, and often get more DUIs (driving under the influence).


Fortunately for men, once they hit age 25, their auto insurance rates go down because they are no longer considered to be in that dangerous, reckless driving "young male" category. This possibly occurs because it is believed that at the age of 25, men have a lot more driving experience (and are therefore stronger drivers) than they did when they were younger.


Boys drive more than girls, but nowadays, there are so many more female drivers than there were a few decades ago. Boys still drive more miles and spend more hours behind the wheel.


Some people believe that boys are in more car accidents than girls because they usually drive more aggressively than their female counterparts. Some think that boys display their aggressiveness in a direct manner while on the road, while girls tend to be a bit more indirect. Boys also seem to take more risks driving and are more likely to break the law.


There are more and more instances these days of girls engaging in reckless driving--driving with aggression and showing behaviors of road rage. However, girls still have fewer moving violations and car accidents. So if girls want to keep their lower car insurance rates, they should watch out now, or else they'll be catching up to the boys very soon.