Mobile Home Classifications for Insurance Purposes

Mobile home classifications are different from RV classifications or motor home classifications. Mobile homes are typically divided into four categories for purposes of park regulations and for insurance purposes. Understanding what classification your mobile home falls into will help you choose the best insurance policy and also help you better understand your policy.

Class A

Class A mobile homes are new mobile homes that are certified and meet the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974. This act became effective in June 1976 by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, or HUD.

Class B

Class B mobile homes do not need to be brand new. They must be unaltered and undamaged and are considered to be a used mobile home that meets acceptable prior codes of 1967 or later. They also may meet the HUD standards and must be found to be in excellent condition upon inspection. In addition, Class B mobile homes must be deemed fit for occupancy.

Class C

Class C mobile homes, similar to Class B mobile homes, must be unaltered and undamaged. In addition, they must be used as they do not fall under the brand new status. Class C mobile homes do not have to be certified to meet HUD codes, but must have had an inspection and was found to be in good condition during the inspection. Class C mobile homes must be up to code and meet standard requirements to be in mobile home parks.

Class D

A Class D mobile home can be new or used, but will have been damaged as a result of fire, weather or during transport. The mobile home must also have been altered as a result of one of the above types of damage. A Class D mobile home may also have been altered because the owners simply wanted to make a cosmetic change. Class D mobile homes may not meet the requirements of a building inspector. A building inspector may have deemed the mobile home as unsafe or uninhabitable.