How to Market Commercial Property

Before marketing commercial property, it is essential you learn as much as possible about the property, such as its zoning, parking availability, utility availability and if there are any restrictions on how the property can be used. This will include getting copies of the plat map from the county and taking digital photographs for marketing purposes.

Hire a professional real estate agent who specializes in the type of commercial property you are marketing. Typically they will charge a percentage of the sale price, payable at the close of escrow. In many cases, depending on the listing contract, the seller will not owe for any marketing fees paid by the real estate agent if the property does not sell.

Create a color flier showing photographs and listing all the information about the property, such as zoning, parking, square footage, features and other pertinent data for a commercial buyer. Fliers can be created in word processing programs or software applications like Microsoft Publisher. They can be printed onto brochure paper using an ink jet printer or printed at a local printer.

Convert your flier into portable document format (PDF). If the flier is available on a PDF file, you can easily email it to interested buyers.

Create a blog or website featuring your commercial property. After creating the blog or website, you can market the page using click ads through Yahoo or Google.

List the property on LoopNet, which is a commercial real estate website frequented by investors, buyers and real estate professionals. LoopNet has free and fee listings. See Resources.

Contact commercial real estate professionals and let them know of the listing. If they have a buyer, agree to pay a commission to the agent who brings a buyer. One way to locate commercial agents is to check the membership rosters of commercial designations, such as CCIM or CCSS. See Resources.

Send letters to owners of similarly owned properties. They may be interested in increasing their portfolio. For contact information, check the county website, which may list the addresses of property owners, or contact a local title company.

Place a classified ad in the local newspaper's commercial real estate section, or check into advertising in a trade magazine specific to the property's use.