How to Make a for Sale by Owner Brochure

Whether you’re putting a house on the market, releasing four wheels to a new owner or trying to move some old furniture out of the home, selling something can be a difficult task. Publicize the product and get information into potential buyers’ hands with a brochure. As the item’s owner, you know the most about it and have access to details and photo opportunities. Combine that access into promotional material requiring just a little setup and layout with an ordinary piece of copy paper. Create a for-sale-by-owner brochure and get ready to sell.

Take photos of the item for sale showing different features, sides, rooms or aspects of the product. Be sure to include photos of anything wrong with the item for sale, such as a broken window or door.

Open the photos in a graphics software program such as Windows Paint (included with all Microsoft Windows operating systems) or Adobe Photoshop (see the Resources section). Crop and adjust the lighting on the photos, then re-save them to the computer.

Open a desktop publishing program such as Microsoft Publisher or Adobe InDesign (see the Resources section). Select the program’s “Brochures” template. Scroll through the options and double-click a template to use.

Highlight the words on the cover of the brochure and type over them with the name of the item being sold, such as “2009 Toyota Matrix For Sale By Owner.”

Highlight the other headings and subheadings throughout the brochure and re-title them with headlines about the item for sale, such as the description, history, benefits and repairs.

Highlight and type into the text boxes below the headlines with information about the item for sale, including details on anything broken, renovations and additions completed or work in progress.

Press and hold down the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard. Click once on each placeholder graphic included on the brochure template. Press the “Delete” key to remove them from the brochure.

Add the photos of the item for sale by clicking the “Insert” tab, selecting “Picture,” browsing through the photos and double-clicking a file name. The photo will be added to the brochure. Repeat to add multiple pictures of the item for sale throughout the brochure.

Highlight the contact information panel text boxes on the brochure. Type over them with your contact information, such as a phone number or email address. Add website information, if the item is for sale online, or an actual address, if buyers must purchase the item in person.

Add any personal experience selling, such as “Selling and buying homes for 40 years” or “Over 100 cars sold since 2004,” if applicable.

Click the “File” tab or menu and select “Save As.” Type a name for the brochure and save it to the computer.