How to Look at Your Tax Return Online

by Kayla Lowe ; Updated July 27, 2017

Filing tax returns is something that most every working citizen must do every year. Traditionally, you had to file your tax return by filling in the paperwork manually and mailing it to the IRS. Now, thanks to online technology, you can easily file your tax return online from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Plus, when you file online, you can look at your tax return online at a later date if need be, whereas if you file the traditional way, you only have a copy if you made one before mailing it in to the IRS.

Step 1

Navigate to the website where you filed your tax return online, and log in to your account by inputting your user name and password.

Step 2

Click on the tax return year that you would like to view online to load your saved and previously filed tax return.

Step 3

Examine your tax return when it displays on the screen by scrolling down to view all information listed on the tax return.


  • Print your tax return and file the printer copy in your tax records folder of your file cabinet for future reference.


  • You cannot look at your tax return online if you did not file the tax return online with a company that stores filed tax returns in your online user account.

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