How to Locate Bank Repo Mobile Homes in Mississippi

How to Locate Bank Repo Mobile Homes in Mississippi
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Foreclosure properties that are not sold at auction are usually repossessed by the bank. These bank-owned properties are also known as real estate owned or REO properties. Many Internet sites list foreclosed homes for sale, but few provide the means for users to identify REO properties that are also mobile homes. However, a few major bank and mortgage-lending sites do allow users to zero in on REO properties in Mississippi that are mobile homes.

Lender Website Searches

Visit Bank of America's bank-owned properties website at and select "Mississippi" from the "State" pull-down menu. Select "Mobile Home" from the "Property Type" pull-down menu. Click "Search" to display a list of bank-owned mobile home properties repossessed by Bank of America in Mississippi.

Visit the "Bank Repo" search page of, a lender that specializes in manufactured and mobile homes. Click Mississippi on the U.S. map to get a listing of mobile home repos in the state. Click individual listings of interest to display full details, including contact information for the agent handling the listing.

Visit the "REO Properties" page of Select "Mississippi" as the "State" and "Manufactured Home" as the "Property Type" to display a list of repossessed mobile homes in Mississippi. Contact the agent for any property of interest. The agent's name and phone number are included with each listing.


  • A Mississippi real estate agent can find additional listings of mobile home repossessions from the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database that is available to real estate professionals, but is not fully accessible by the general public.