How to List Your House With a Realtor

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People who are serious about selling their property should consider listing it with a Realtor. However, every Realtor who is licensed in your particular state may not be the perfect match for your situation. In your search to find the best Realtor to list your property, you should consider a few key items.

Ask your friends, co-workers, and family members for advice. Before you choose a Realtor, call your inner circle and find out what real estate agents they have used in the past. Write these names down and call them to ask for a listing presentation.

Determine the length of the listing agreement. Do not let the Realtor coerce you into choosing a listing agreement with a longer time frame simply because they prefer to operate in that manner. Remember that you can always renew your agreement with the agent if you are satisfied with their performance.

Be aware of the compensation you will pay your Realtor. Read the listing agreement thoroughly so that you fully comprehend the amount of money you are responsible for paying the agent in terms of commission. Do not settle for a higher commission percentage if you are able to obtain a lower one by just asking. If they are asking for a7 percent commission, but the standard commission rate for their agency is 3 percent, negotiate a lower rate. Keep in mind that the less you pay your Realtor in commissions, the more dollars stay in your pocket. Remember that all items are negotiable, and that nothing is final until it is put in writing.

Be sure your property gets listed on the Internet and in the Multiple Listing Service, or the MLS as it is better known. Because most buyers begin their property search on the Internet, you want to make sure that your home is there for all potential buyers to view. Having your house on the MLS will allow most purchasers to see your house on any computer that has access to its local Multiple Listing Service. Ask your Realtor to include beautiful pictures of your home, a virtual tour, and a financing calculator on your Internet property listing. It should appear on sites such as, and other reputable property buying websites.


  • Consider Realtors family or friends recommend, but be sure they're a good fit for your area and your needs.


  • Avoid getting locked into a contract with a Realtor that is longer than your ideal selling time frame.