Letter to Request Copy of Rental Agreement

Requesting a copy of your lease agreement may be necessary if you lose your copy or you only have a verbal agreement with a landlord and want to formalize it in writing. Even though a verbal agreement may be binding in your state, it is best to have the provisions of your lease in writing. Make sure that your letter is thorough and clear so that there is no delay in receiving your lease agreement copy.

Start With the Heading

Write you name, address, telephone number and date at the top of the letter. Then insert the reason you are writing the letter to your landlord, such as "RE: Request for copy of lease agreement." The heading may seem unnecessary, but your landlord may own many properties, so you must be specific. Also, if you have a disagreement with your landlord, you may end up in court one day, so you want your correspondence to contain all pertinent information.

Salutation and Introduction

Address your landlord by a formal title and last name. This letter is serious and you want to convey that in the beginning. Thank your landlord for allowing you to rent the property and assure him that you are caring for it properly. Then give some background, including the date that you moved in and what you are asking for, which is a written copy of your rental agreement.

Create the Body

In the paragraph after the introduction, specifically state what you understand the terms of your lease to be, whether you have a verbal or written agreement. List each item, such as your rent amount, length of lease or if you're on a month-to-month agreement, security deposit amount, if pets are allowed, who is responsible for what utilities and repairs, and whether or not any appliances were included in the rental. Also, detail if there was damage anywhere on the property prior to your moving in, so that you will not be blamed for it when it is time to refund your security deposit.

End With the Conclusion

In your concluding paragraph, thank your landlord in advance for cooperating with your request and emphasize that you are sure it is understood why you need a copy of your lease. Specify the date that you will be expecting to receive the agreement. Tell the landlord that, if any of the provisions are different than the ones that you listed in the body of the letter, they must be brought to your attention in writing. Do not threaten or accuse your landlord of anything. Keep the tone friendly, yet serious. Encourage your landlord to write or call you if there are questions about your request. Then give a proper closing, such as, "Sincerely," and sign your name.