How to Lease to Someone When There Is a Swimming Pool

How to Lease to Someone When There Is a Swimming Pool
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If you own a house with a swimming pool, leasing or renting your home out can be a very scary thought. The homeowner does not want to be held responsible if the renter has an emergency or accident in the pool and the homeowner also does not want the pool to be damaged or tampered with. If you are planning to lease out your home and pool, there are some legal steps you can take to prevent any problems down the road.

Consult your real estate agent or an attorney to write up an addendum regarding the tenant's use and upkeep of the pool. According to U.S. Legal, addendums state the rules for use of the property, and use and maintenance of a swimming pool is a common addendum.

Review the addendum to make sure that it states you will not be held liable for any injuries that occur from the tenant's use of the pool. This will make sure that the person leasing your home cannot sue you for any damages.

Include a service contract requirement as a part of the addendum. According to The Landlord Protection Agency, this will require the tenant to keep a regular service contract with a pool service company to clean, inspect and maintain the pool.

Visit the home to inspect the property, house and pool to ensure that the tenant is following the addendum and agreements. When you rent your home, you are the landlord and retain the right to periodically inspect the grounds.