Landlord Tenant Act of Alberta, Canada

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Alberta has a body of laws called the Residential Tenancies Act. This governs the responsibilities of both the landlord and the tenant. Both parties are expected to follow this act.

Landlord's Obligations

The landlord is required to make sure the residence meets the standards of Alberta's Public Health Act. They have do move-in and move-out inspections with the tenant. Both the landlord and the tenant should have copies of these reports. They also need to make sure the residence is clean and ready by the move-in date.

Tenant's Obligations

The tenant must be punctual with the rent and respect the landlord and other tenants, including not intentionally damaging the property, keeping the residence clean and not partaking in illegal activity. They must move out when their agreement is over or terminated.


Written permission is needed from the landlord before a tenant can sublet their residence. If the landlord does not consent to subletting, he must give written notice declining the request within 14 days. If no request is received, the tenant can assume consent has been given.

Fixed Term Tenancy

The tenancy ends on a particular date. Neither parties are required to give notice of the end of this tenancy. However, if it is to be extended, a new agreement needs to be negotiated.

Periodic Tenancy

This type of tenancy renews automatically and only ends when the landlord or tenant give notice.


A landlord can charge application fees.

Pet fees are allowed. however. the total of all the fees can not be more than one month's rent.

Fees for the late payment of rent are allowed. but they should only be sufficient to cover any fees the landlord may be charged from the bank such as a non-sufficient funds charge.


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