How to Sell a Car for More Than It's Worth

Since a car depreciates in value very quickly, it can be difficult to justify charging a potential buyer more than what it's worth. The key to getting more money for your car is to add extras that cost you little but will be seen by the buyer as very valuable additions. In essence, you are selling the buyer convenience, being that they do not have to go get those details added themselves. There are a few car features that are especially desired by modern car buyers. You have to package your car with these useful bonuses when attempting to sell it for more than it's worth.

Wash the car and give it a professional wax. Get the car professionally detailed. Your total cost will be around $100, but the value of the first impression you will give the potential buyer will more than make up for the expenditure. This will also help you bump a car that would normally be classified as "fair" up to "good" condition. Also, have the car's engine cleaned and polished. When you lift the hood, the potential buyer will get the impression that the car was well maintained.

Add new wheels to the car if it is a used vehicle. Even if you purchase relatively inexpensive wheels, many car buyers will look at brand new wheels as a positive sign that the car is in good condition. You can find new wheels for as little as $100 each (see "Resources" below for a popular tire and wheel wholesaler).

Install a radar detector. This way the car buyer will feel more confident driving on the roads. It is a simple matter of mounting the detector onto the dashboard of the car.Also, since there has been an increase in the number of red light cameras that are present on the roads, your buyer might be willing to pay more than the car is worth if the car comes with a red light camera detector (see "Resources" below). An investment of about $100 to $200 here could easily justify your charging $500 or more extra for the car.

Buy a GPS system for the car. GPS units are essential for modern drivers who need real-time directions---print directions just don't make the cut anymore. You can find an inexpensive GPS unit for under $100 and easily increase your car's sticker price by $200 or more.

Offer a year's worth of oil changes for free with the purchase and/or a month's worth of free gas with a gas card. Again, the psychological element of selling comes into play here. Even though a month's worth of gas will only cost you about $200 to $300, the buyer will be more willing to pay your inflated price for the car because of the offered deal.