How to Rent a Car in New Jersey

You must meet specific requirements to rent a car in New Jersey. If you are flying into New Jersey from another state, be sure to have your driver's license, proof of insurance and a major credit card handy. Otherwise, you can encounter problems when you attempt to rent a car. If you possess a driver's license from another country, you need to provide additional identification. It is always prudent to call ahead or email to check all the necessary requirements for renting a car from the car rental company of your choice.

Select a convenient rental car company. If you are flying into New Jersey, there will be a list of rental agencies within the ground transportation area of the airport. Otherwise, look online for a local rental agency.

Present a valid driver's license -- you won't be able to rent a car without one. You may also need to present your passport and additional documentation, if you possess a foreign-issued driver's license.

Provide proof of insurance. Many car rental agencies require proof of insurance, typically in the form of a proof of insurance card that states your policy number and the name of your insurance provider.

Pay with a credit card. To rent a car, you must have a major credit card. Few, if any, car-rental agencies accept any other form of payment.

Fill out the rental paperwork. You get a rental contract when you rent a car, and you are told where to sign and initial the document by your car rental company's agent.

Accept or decline the supplemental insurance. All car rental agencies offer it, and this adds to the cost of the rental, but it does prevent excess charges in the event of accidental damage.


  • Call ahead and ensure that the rental agency has a car in the size you like, and ensure that you meet all their requirements.


  • No agency rents cars to individuals under the age of 21 in New Jersey. Many do not rent to individuals below the age of 25. Call ahead or check online for the specific requirements of the dealer where you plan to rent your car.