How to Remove Inspection Stickers Without Damage

How to Remove Inspection Stickers Without Damage
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After you get your car inspected, the Department of Motor Vehicles will issue a sticker for your windshield. This will indicate that you either passed the inspection, or that you failed. Depending on the state you live in -- if you fail you’ll need to return within a certain period of time -- otherwise the DMV will charge an additional inspection fee. Once the year has run out, you’ll need to remove the inspection sticker without damaging the windshield. If you want to transfer the sticker from an old and broken windshield to a new windshield on the same car, you’ll need to carefully peel it off.

Cut a piece of packing tape that is the same size as the sticker. Press the packing tape against your clothes and remove. Do this several times, to wear off some of the adhesive, so that it doesn’t damage the sticker.

Place packing tape over the sticker. This will prevent it from tearing, as you peel it off the windshield.

Wet a razor blade with water. This will lubricate it, so that it doesn’t scratch the windshield. Don’t over wet it, as it will dissolve certain types of inspection stickers. A very sharp razor blade is less likely to scratch the windshield.

Slide the razor blade underneath the sticker’ corner, until it is loosened from the window. Work on all of the corners.

Work all of the corners toward the center of the sticker. Continue to re-wet the razor blade, as soon as it dries out. Continue, until you remove the sticker.

Carefully peel the packing tape from sticker. Be careful not to tear it. Work slowly.