How to Purchase No-name Car Insurance

by braniac ; Updated July 21, 2017

So many people out there still get pulled over without insurance today--some because they can't afford it, and others because they just keep procrastinating thinking they will never get into an accident or have a routine traffic stop. Then there are the drivers that don't have vehicles, but drive around in cars belonging to their friends and family. A simple thing called no-name insurance" can make everyone's life a whole lot easier.

Step 1

Call around. If you want no-name insurance, calling different insurance companies may have to happen. Not everyone carries this type of insurance, so chances are there will be two or three that say no before you get a yes.

Step 2

Cheapest insurance quotes. Obviously money is going to be important if you are in search of no-name insurance. There is a company that has commercials of a green lizard that offers it for cheap prices.

Step 3

Get liability insurance only. Now, no-name insurance allows you to drive anyone's car that already has insurance on it, so what their insurance doesn't cover for you, this will compensate it. Still talk with an insurance expert, but most will tell you to go with simple liability.

Step 4

Sign up over the phone if possible. You'll find that whether it's no- name insurance or the regular kind, setting up an account with an insurance agency is a lot easier when you are talking to them, then trying to read all the information that is online. They already know what to look for, so let them do what they are paid to do.


  • You can either have payments taken out of your checking/savings account or off a credit/debit card. Have this information ready. If you want the lowest coverage possible, tell them no more than the state requirements.


  • One thing to understand with no-name insurance is you can still get a ticket from a police officer if the person who owns the car doesn't carry insurance on it, even though you are covered. You will not receive an insurance card because there is no car to attach to your insurance. Keep your paperwork in the glove compartment.

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