How to Obtain Your Immunization Record

by Scarlet Daniels ; Updated October 25, 2017
Obtain Your Immunization Record

Items you will need

  • Childhood Scrapbook
  • School Records
  • Military Records

An immunization record is a medical record of all the vaccinations you received during childhood and as an adult. School registration, certain types of jobs, and traveling abroad may require you to have a current record for verification purposes. Sometimes immunization records are misplaced and a new copy is needed. This article will give you the steps to find or obtain a new copy of your record.

Step 1

Look through your medical and personal records at home. Check your baby book or scrapbook with memorabilia. Ask your parents if they still have a copy of your immunizations records from childhood.

Step 2

Contact your doctor and ask if he/she has your immunization record. The doctor may have a complete or a partial record.

Step 3

Contact the family doctor you had from childhood. Also check with the school you last attended--it may have your records, which were required at registration.

Step 4

Call the state health department and ask if they have a copy of your records. If you have military records, check those, too.

Step 5

Obtain a new immunization record from your doctor, if you are unable to get your complete immunization record after checking these sources. It may be necessary to get re-vaccinated or take blood tests to prove your immunity to certain diseases.

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