How to Move to Another State

Making a move to another state can be daunting, but it doesn't have to be. With careful planning and execution of a few simple procedures, the journey can be more of an adventure and less of an uprooting. Mapping out a trajectory and having a detailed check-off list will ease the difficulties associated with a long-distance move away from your familiar home state.

1. Research

Take into account the job market and cost of living when deciding on your destination. Research the demographics and decide if you will be a good fit. Cost of Living calculators such as ours can help you crunch the numbers and turn your dream into reality.

2. Visit

Visit the city where you plan to move, if possible. Cultivate any support system you have there, including any contacts through professional organizations or clubs.

Spend your time as you visit looking for job leads and exploring housing options.

Begin tying up loose ends upon your return home. ​Hold a garage sale​ to reduce the amount of stuff you will have to move with you. Contact utility and cable service companies to arrange for cancellation.

3. Pack a little each day

Pack a little bit every day. Consider shipping some items in advance if you are not hiring movers.

Make arrangements in your new home state for utilities and other services. Upon arrival, visit the motor vehicles department for a new driver's license and license plates.