How to Insure Custom Built Motorcycles


You have a one and only, just for you, unique chopper that you have put a lot of money in. Now.. How to insure it. One problem; you can't just lookup the bluebook price, and get a quote from an Insurance Agent. These custom babies are hard to register, and much harder to insure with a large price tag.

The cost of your customized bike can be double the price of a nice, new Harley. One thing for sure is to get your bike appraised. Insurance companies do not like the high replacement costs. Having proof of the money you've invested is very important.

If you do find an insurer, they usually only want to give you liability, just to cover the people involved. If you are financing the bike, you need full coverage.

AAA is one company in some states that will insure a custom bike. Your best bet is to get online, get quotes from as many insurance companies as possible. Shop around online. Don't waste a lot of time driving around. You may find an agent that understands how very important this bike is to you; and why you must protect your investment.

Some states require annual, or semi-annual safety tests, and/or inspections by the DOT. You should have your bike appraised as well. Having all your receipts on hand would be very helpful.


  • Call and ask as many questions as you can making sure your bike will be valued at the price you have in it.


  • Read your policy, thoroughly, make sure everything you agreed to with your agent is in there.

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