How to Have Someone Take Over Payments on an RV Legally

If you own an RV, you know they can be expensive to maintain. A recreational vehicle consumes gas and oil and probably propane; it may also need frequent upkeep if it’s left sitting or taken on long journeys. If you want to streamline your life and get rid of your RV, you can find someone who is in the market for a recreational vehicle and let them assume your lease. Taking over a lease is accomplished through a lease assumption or lease swap. Doing this removes you from the contract and give someone who wants to own a recreational vehicle a chance to have one at a reduced price.

Find a person who wants to buy an RV and is willing to enter into a lease swap with you. If you decide to use a lease assumption company, it can connect you to people looking to take over a lease on an RV.

Have the RV inspected before you sell it, so the person assuming your lease knows all about the vehicle before they make a commitment to pay on it.

Ask the person assuming your lease for a recent copy of his or credit report and FICO score, which can be obtained online. This will help you to know if they'll be accepted before you go to the leasing company. It's likely that the leasing company will run its own credit check, but it doesn't hurt to have the information beforehand.

Consider offering a cash incentive to entice potential buyers to choose to assume your lease rather than someone else's. You could agree to make the next two payments, or something similar.

Take the credit report to the lender, along with all the paperwork on the original lease, the original owner, and the new lessee and request a transfer.


  • Some companies refuse to transfer leases in the first or last months of a lease.