How to Get an Electric Scooter Through Medicare

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Medicare tends to approve manual wheelchairs rather quickly because they are relatively inexpensive. The costlier electric scooters are more difficult to obtain because you have to prove to Medicare that you need the scooter in your residence as well as when you leave the house. Medicare will pay for scooters, but you will need to work with your doctor to send the proper forms to Medicare that prove a scooter is medically necessary.

Discuss the decision to apply for a scooter with your doctor, as she will play a crucial role in getting the scooter approved through Medicare. Detail all of your symptoms and walking difficulties to your doctor. In the end, your doctor has to prescribe the scooter and submit documentation of need to Medicare. The doctor must show that you need the electric scooter to move about your residence and that you are unable to operate a manual wheelchair.

Attend all doctors’ appointments. Your doctor will perform tests and ask you to perform various movements to see if you need of the scooter. You might be required to undergo an MRI or other diagnostic tests to establish the disability.

Document the date Medicare approves your scooter because that is the date from which arrangements will be made to have it delivered to your home, fully assembled.


  • When Medicare approves the scooter, it normally pays 80 percent of the cost and you pay 20 percent. Supplemental Medicare insurance might help to pick up the remaining cost.