How to Find Out Who I Had Car Insurance With in the Past

How to Find Out Who I Had Car Insurance With in the Past
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Whether you’re searching for information on an old insurance claim or searching for paperwork to complete your personal files, it can be frustrating when you can’t remember the name of the company that once provided your auto insurance. There is, however, no need to panic. With a bit of patience, a few phone calls, and a little research, you should be able to locate the name of the insurance company that covered your vehicles.

Start by contacting your former insurance agent. If he was an independent representative who sold products for several companies, he may still have file containing details about your former insurance company. Ask the agent to search his computerized files as well. Advise him of any characteristics that may have differentiated your from the average customer. For instance, tell him if you had young drivers on your policy or if you had moving violations. The agent may have worked closely with one or two companies that fit your needs at the time. These details will help him to remember the company with which he would have placed your business.

Call the corporate offices of the insurance company with which you think you had coverage. Tell the company representative your name and address. Then, advise her that you are researching your prior insurance history and would like her to search for old policies that may have belonged to you.

Look through your personal files for insurance papers, expired insurance cards and claims reports. Look through your old vehicle titles and registrations for old insurance paperwork that may be stored there. Check the glove compartment of your vehicle for old insurance cards that may be inside.

Review your old credit card statements for charges initiated by insurance companies. Ask your bank to review your payment history. Any electronic check transactions, automated debits or credit card charges processed by your old insurance company would appear in your banking history. Contact any insurance companies whose names may appear on your statements. Have those companies search for your information in their computer systems.

Contact the department of motor vehicles or appropriate agency to ask if it has information on the name of your insurance company in prior months or years. The compliance office at the agency may have recorded the name of your former insurance company as many states monitor the insurance habits of licensed drivers.

If you have a lien on the vehicle you insure, contact the lien holder. There is a strong likelihood that the bank will have information on file about who your current and prior insurance companies are as they have insurable interest in the property as well. They often monitor this information as a condition of your loan agreement.


  • Be prepared to verify the name and address that appears on your old insurance policy when speaking to the insurance company.