How to Find Dealer Program Cars

Dealer program cars are vehicles that are often sold at vast discounts for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it's a car that has been on a dealer's lot for six months or longer, or a car that was traded back to the dealership after being driven less than a month. Finding vehicles like that is a chance to get a once-in-a-lifetime deal on a new car.

Where to find a dealer program car

Keep an open mind when going after a dealer program car. They are so rare that you won't have a long list of colors or options available. It will be more of an as-is deal.

Check your local newspaper every Sunday. Dealers love to run huge one-page ads on certain vehicles to get customers in the door. You might see something like $10,000 off MSRP (Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price) or a lease price that is $100 cheaper than anything else out there.

Check dealer websites for current specials. Most dealers have a tab on their home page leading to their specials page. If a dealer has a few vehicles that need to be moved off the lot, they will likely be listed there.

Call several dealerships in your area. While not the most productive method, sometimes these program vehicles are not advertised at all and a phone call might be needed to find out what's for sale.


    • Always as how much warranty is available with the vehicle. Most often dealer demo's or program cars have had their warranties started a few months earlier in order to take advantage of cash incentives available at the time.