How to Find a Dentist With No Money or Insurance

Finding a dentist when you have no money or insurance can be difficult, especially when you don't know where to begin your search. There are programs available that help people get adequate dental care when they do not have insurance or the money needed to pay for dental care. There are health departments and social service agencies that will provide free dental care, and sometimes dentists will volunteer their services for free if patients are unable to pay for their services.

How to Find a Dentist With No Money or Insurance

Call your local health department and ask if they provide free dental services for people with no money and insurance. If they do, find out what information they will need from you in order to use their services.

Ask your local social services department to help you find out if you qualify for dental insurance through the free government insurance program Medicaid.

Call your local dentist's office to see if they will provide care for patients without insurance or money.


  • Each time you call an agency that is unable to help you, be sure to ask them if they know of other agencies that might provide free dental services.