How to File an Appeal With State Farm for a Claim

State Farm Insurance is an insurance and financial services company located in the United States and Canada. State Farm offers a variety of insurance plans including home, auto, renters, business and life. State Farm has regional claim centers that specialize in handling claims for each specific type of insurance plan. If the claims center denies your claim, you can file a written appeal.

Call the State Farm claim office that is handling your claim. You can find the phone number for the correct claim office on the paperwork that State Farm sent you denying your insurance claim.

Give the customer service representative your State Farm claim number. You can also find the claim number on the paperwork that State Farm sent when they denied your insurance claim.

Tell the customer service representative that you would like to file an appeal for your denied claim. The customer service representative will verify your address and mail you the appeal paperwork.

Complete the appeal paperwork with additional relevant information about your claim. Specifically, you want to clearly explain why State Farm should not have denied your claim.

Mail the completed appeal paperwork to the address listed on the form. State Farm will notify you in writing with its final decision approximately 30 days after receiving the paperwork for the appeal of your claim.


  • In most cases, State Farm will deny your claim appeal. You must present new information that is relevant to your claim for State Farm to consider an appeal.