How Do I Stop Veteran's Disability Payments From the VA?

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The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, better known as the VA, handles veteran's disability compensation for military-related injuries. The severity of the injury dictates the amount of disability payment. Some disabilities heal over time, and you no longer need to receive disability payments. To stop disability payments from the VA, notify them and provide them with the proper information.

Visit your doctor, and ask for a letter with the doctor's signature and letterhead stating that you are no longer disabled and are eligible to work again. Ask for two copies of the letter with an original signature for both in case the VA loses one of the letters.

Contact the VA at 1-800-983-0937, and inform them of your clearance from the doctor. Inform them that you wish to stop disability payments. Most likely, they will mail forms for you to fill out.

Fill out the forms the VA mailed to you. Send one of the original letters from your doctor. The VA may include forms for your doctor to complete.

Return the forms to the VA. Allow four to eight weeks for the VA to process your forms and end the disability payments. Call them every two weeks to get an update on the process.


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