How to Calculate Retirement Pay With CRDP

As of 2004, retired veterans are now allowed to collect both Veterans Affairs (VA) disability and military retirement benefits. Known as your Concurrent Retirement and Disability Pay (CRDP), this new law is being phased in through 2014. As such, you will be eligible to collect a larger amount each year until 2014. Use the calculation below to determine how much CRDP you are entitled to.

Consult the VA Disability Compensation Rate table. For this chart (located in the Resources section, below), look up your compensation rate according to your number of children or dependents and disability rating. For this example, calculate for a single individual with no children and a 90 percent VA disability rating. According to this table, the amount is $1,517.

Determine the amount of CRDP pay according to the CRDP Pay Computation Table (see Resources section). For this example, the number is $500.

Subtract the VA compensation rate from the CRDP rate. Using the figures above, the result is $1,017.

Multiply this figure by the current restoration rate, located beneath the CRDP Pay Computation Table. For 2009, the percentage is 84.88 percent. The product is $709.46.

Add the product to the table rate amount from Step 2. Again, the number is $500. The final figure is $1,209.46. This is how much CRDP pay you are entitled to for this year.


  • By 2014, this calculation will no longer be necessary. Simply add the VA compensation and the CRDP compensation to find your final figure.